27 Dec 2014

Create a colour palette from a picture/image

I read a nice clothing/style blog called The Vivienne Files, which shows you how to maximise the items in your wardrobe.

She had a really interesting post which shows you a website where you can upload a photo, and it extracts the colour palette from the image. Clever!!

I thought I'd have a go with the amazing Liberty Scarf I got for Christmas...
Tree Of Life (Black) - Liberty of London
Slightly more realistic colours The image above was taken from the Liberty website and it is a bit washed out compared with the real thing, so I downloaded another image from the Liberty website,
with slightly more life-like colours on it to use as the base for the colour palette.

The website is called, CSS Drive, and the function is their Image Palette generator.

Here's what popped out...

How fabulous is this?

Even better, you can export the palette as a CSS style sheet and then use the colours on your web, or blog! I haven't worked out how to do that bit but I shall blog about that when I work it out!!!

22 Nov 2013

Our apartamento is fab

Only 2 mins walk from the vaporetto stop "orto"

First day in Venice

Lovely tea and coffee and cake things in a little pasticceria.

Sue and the lagoon

The vaporetto boat was really small!

21 Nov 2013

At the airport

We're at Manchester bright and early ready for departure!

Nice and easy journey from Sue and Pete's at 5am.

We've had brekkie and are now sat at the gate about to board. 

Flight leaves at 07.50.